In April, the Out of Storms Into Stars team had the opportunity to participate in the project ‘Art in Conversation’. The project (facilitated by Daisy Quezada and Kim Parko) was designed with the aim to create meaningful and engaging conversations between students that would allow students to see into their peers’ craft processes and artistic journeys. Had the project taken place before the COVID-19 pandemic, the conversations would have likely been held face-to-face with the Out of Storms Into Stars team visiting their assigned students in the studio to take in their art. Adhering to campus safety guidelines, the conversations between students took place on Zoom. Yet, even in Zoom static rectangles, conversations between students didn’t just occur – they flourished. For students on both sides, the conversations were not only informative but liberating, even healing, providing the students the great community joy of being able to talk art and process at length in constructive peer-to-peer conversation.