Mixed Genre

Picture Make'm Ups

by Rayne Kingfisher

Works by Shantel Chee


Shantel Chee

Shantel Chee is in her third year at the Institute of American Indian Arts. She is majoring in studio arts and creative writing with an emphasis on poetry. Shantel's writing and art tell stories about the land and community she grew up in. She loves telling traditional stories and adding her Dine language and knowledge to let people understand her unique background. She gets her spark from her surroundings and teachings as she grows to become a strong, Dine, storyteller woman.

Rayne Kingfisher

Rayne Kingfisher is the sound you make after having sex. He the gleam a diamond’s shine wishes it could be. The comet that wiped out the dinosaurs is an understatement in comparison to the impact that is Rayne Kingfisher. Rayne Kingfisher is the humblest guy I know. Mountain Dew, Rayne Kingfisher, Taco bell. Walmart, McDonalds, Walt Disney, Starbucks, Rayne Kingfisher. Nike, Just Do It, Rayne Kingfisher. Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster believe in him. He is the new currency. He is also a Native American and draws cartoons