Calista Middaugh talks with Fuko Ito

Summary of Conversation with Fuko Ito


In this conversation with Fuko, we talked about topics such as women’s rights in Japan, emotions behind her artwork, and backstories while we looked at 200 porcelain vaginas in her piece titled “Vagina Chopstick Rest”. 200 porcelain pieces all of which were about the length of a finger, were displayed as the “flag of the sun” which is the flag of Japan. Fuko wanted to draw attention to the inequality in Japan when it came to women’s rights due male dominant culture. Those who view this piece can come across feelings of anger and sadness as the purpose of this piece is to promote equality between two sexes and as Fuko puts it “I want people to think of the equal rights movement”. Also, how vaginas tend to look like beans- a bunch of beans. Check out this moving piece and emotions are sure to stir!

Ekphrastic Poem in response to Artwork 


Girl Talk


Seventy sitting tight like porcelain stones in jaw bone color as lips lie about.


A small gathering of women talk of blood bonds in the center, whispers making their way outwards in hopes of spreading the word.

The word in question is inequality- country words as country flag.

A walk across

She walks across stepping stones- iced clay smoothing and shaping her soles with each step. Messages she will send, status quos inevitably bend


Seventy lay upon canvas.

Fuku Ito

Fuku Ito is a visual artist from Sapporo, Japan, located in northern state Hokkaido. While primarily working in photography, she also enjoys painting, ceramics, and mix media printmaking. Her inspiration comes from her every day life and cultural aspects. Ito is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with an emphasis in photography, at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.