Debon Redd Victor

My name is Debon Redd Victor, I prefer Redd but at the same it doesn’t matter. I started writing in high school in my junior year. I remember the books I read back then that made me want to write. The Alchemist is one of those books, I remember spending class hours and even times at home just reading the book. I don’t know how I came upon the book, just that one day it found itself into my hands. I can really only write during class time, whether it to deal with boredom or it is the only time I feel like I need to write, I don’t know. Anyways, now I feel like I can create any world, or at least set up the world for something greater. The only problem is getting to that greater status and going beyond the set up. I think for now though I’ll continue to set up stories until I can find that spark again to dive deep into a story.

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