The Captain’s Song


Before the morn, I watch the rain

alight upon the sea.

How many storms are waiting there,

waiting out there for me?


Across the ocean, I’ve watched storms

devour ships in droves.

Not a motion brings them respite

across isle, reef, and cove.


The sky weeps of a thousand years

lost to the raging waves.

As clouds sweep over restless skies,

what awaits may be my grave.


Over desolation, I must venture

into unforgiving tides.

My recitation loud

echoes in ever-present night.


Though danger’s what I’ve sown

in years upon the stormy seas,

no stranger am I to long journeys

where the harsh waves call to me.


Loose the sails, capture the wind

though Poseidon’s out for blood.

Out there hails adventure,

once you pass the raging flood.


I’ll fight the restless maelstroms

and brave the depths so vile.

Think me reckless if ye will,

but I will withstand every mile.


Upon the sea, on ocean’s realm,

my calling is the quest

of grander things to be

and treasures waiting, thousands blessed.


So damned be fear when fathoms

yield to glory, tenfold gained.

Not a tear’s shed by this captain

over dark skies pouring rain.


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Debbie Haddow

Debbie Haddow is a Thai lesbian poet and storyteller residing in Santa Fe. She graduated with her BFA in Creative Writing from IAIA in 2019 and is set to graduate from IAIA’s MFA program over the summer after working towards a degree in Poetry. Writing is her greatest passion in life. She draws inspiration from her emotions and struggles with mental illness, seeking to create something beautiful out of the life she’s lived thus far. Her words define her. Her spirit is in everything she sets to page.