Like the cautious people we are

We are wary of these furless creatures


Like an adoptive parent we love them

When they do something cute, we awe


Like the controller of our land we shall not falter

We shall watch and wait for them to stop their sudden movement


We are curious of them for their unpredictable nature

Wondering how their sticks of boom can kill us


We love them for their warm curious eyes

Watching as they nibble on grass


We hate them for their mocking round eyes

Readying our rifles at the sight of them in our garden


We watch them as they steal our land

Put tall rocks on our homes

Killing our elders and kidnapping our young


We see them as the lovable fuckers

The fast boys that are always out of reach

Watching from afar, admiring their cuteness


We see them as little gremlins

The demons who escape our bullets

Must watch from afar to get in a good shot


Killing is in their nature we see

Roaming and killing anything

Including themselves


The beauty of their existence

Roaming free with no limits to their numbers

Truly as beautiful as the land we stay


Disgusting little rats and their damn existence

Breeding to no end of their assault

Protect the land we stay on from these weeds


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