Nahasdzáán Nihimá

by Fidel Estevanio Frank


Woke up in a daze, thoughts going different ways. 

Like soundwaves that fall onto the graves. 

Settlers colonized the disenfranchised. 

Religion, a force, the cause of many wars. 

Whitewashed books oppress with genocide. 

Firewater consume the flowers that no longer bloom. 

No one to hear you cry, only smiles that lie. 

Thoughts of suicide. So faint. I can’t hide. 

Christianity. Insanity. No one cares about humanity. 

The truth of it all covered by mainstream lies. 

I can still hear the earth’s dying cries. 

I can still feel the world’s endless sighs. 

Masaaní’s prayers dissipate nightmares. 

Ancestors’ prayers calm through these global scares. 


Nahasdzáán Nihimáhaago naan? 

Nahasdzáán Nihimáhaago naan?