Coming to accept that
If I don’t make it back in this physical body to my homelands
I will in spirit
I will be a powerful spirit
Fly between the layers of
What once was
And what will be of this world
Hack the screens of fascist surveillance teams
Sing with the plants and trees
Harness the power of Mercury Retrogrades
To break down
Every machine out to kill
Every lover that leaves you ill
And be there when YOU break down
To remind you that I am a powerful spirit
And so are you
Let us bless this home
Bless this apartment
Bless your parents, siblings, and animals
Bless the shoulders you cry on
Bless the stories you can still share
There is beauty right here
For you are the destination


Dyusa Chapiro

Hi, my name is Dyusa and I am a Chachi and Jewish artist. I wrote this poem while feeling complete hopelessness after processing the current health of my family back in Ecuador. It has been over a decade since I've last seen them and it is a terrifying feeling. Somehow, in between the first few lines of this poem and the last, a powerful and hopeful energy came over me and created this piece. May these words inspire hope through life's storms and into the stars of bright and beautiful Indigenous futures.