Iyá Da’ohsą́

by Fidel Estevanio Frank



The mirror reflects my negative self-image.

The outside speaks like it’s blind.

This all started when dad flipped over the scaffold.

               Blood everywhere.

                              Those that are responsible


3 years, still no settlement check.



Iyá Da’ohsą́

Hospital visits.

Dizzy physicality, negative mentality

ties together the binds of holistic health.

One of the few “professionals” to display humanity

is the medical student that went over my bloodwork at IHS.

Age does not equate wisdom.

No hunger felt in a fasting body.

Control, stress, it all seems endless.

Collapsed. Still questioned the validity of symptoms.

If Amy can be painted a villain, I am okay being the Joker.

Isolation can be heard through Tyren’s song, “In-Dependence.”

No longer playing the piano and singing in the isolate shade. Chahałhééł.



Self-love, something new and foreign

                 like when Imfact and Up10tion sing songs

                               that I do not understand. Emotions are more important.


Aside kpop is my


Anorexia Playlist:

Spontaneous Worship – Mylon Wagner

Samscars – Sons of an Illustrious Father

Skyhunter – Dethklok


              Masaani’s prayers rain from the other side,

                                              like the day I sang at ashkii’s funeral, and

                                                            Ozzy’s song played called, “See You on the Other Side”.


Recovering from eating disorders are accomplishments we should be proud of.

                                  Not everyone has a sad end. We just need time to rest like Jungwoo Kim.

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