Gardens Ghosts and Gods Oh My!

by Paige Hannan



A garden is still a garden 

Whether or not any flowers bloom 

My love for you both tender and mean 

We are two ghosts haunting the same room 

We are two ghosts from the same dream 

Two drops of water from the same stream 

A garden is still a garden 

Even when the winter winds howl 

I will still love you 

Past the day our love turns foul 

While your autumn hands pluck the leaves from my tree 

I will still love you 

Like gravestones love lilies 



Don’t let the old gods love you 

Don’t let the new goods fool you 

For their ancient powers injure 

For their future too uncertain 

Don’t fall for fairytales 

Don’t fall for lies 

Don’t give them even an inch of your smile 



And though I preached those prophets false 

I have prayed forever for you 

Wherever I wandered into green woods of soft safety 

Whenever you fell from the heavens 

you scratched your sweet brown face 

And though I know they only gave you to me just so they 

Could take you away and laugh  

I couldn’t help but love the way you smiled like it was for me 



Darling I’m scared 

I hear laughter when you hold me 

I hear thunder  

Every time that we kiss 

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