Fidel Estevanio Frank

“Diné Nishłį́.  Kinya’áanii nishłį́, Tódích’íi’nii báshíshchiin, Tábąąhá dashíchei, Tł’ááshchí’í dashínáłí.” Fidel is Diné. His clan is Towering House clan. He is born for Bitter Water. His maternal grandfather’s clan is Water’s Edge and paternal grandfather is Red Bottom People. 

He founded a community group called Diné Introspective in 2016 while being the first member to complete his time at Shiprock AmeriCorps. He has been volunteering at the Healing Circle Drop-In Center (located also in Shiprock) since 2013. He helps with community events like Restoring and Celebrating Family Wellness when he is not in school or paying for bills. 

He is an advocate using multimedia artforms for mental health issues, LGBTQ, eating disorders, and preserving Diné k’éjí. He is the photographer for Łizhin/Łigai Photography. His photography was featured in Narrative Witness 2016 (international art exchange of Native Peoples in United States and Australia). 

Fidel learns from k’é: family and friends.