Annabella Farmer

Annabella Farmer is a senior in the Creative Writing department at the Institute of American Indian Arts, specializing in fiction and journalism. She is a graduate of the Sewanee Young Writers' Conference, and has been published in the Santa Fe Literary Review, the Santa Fe Reporter, the Moon, and the Santa Fe New Mexican. She gleefully transferred to IAIA from St. John's College in 2019, and is enjoying experiments in poetry and speculative short fiction.

Debbie Haddow

Debbie Haddow is a Thai lesbian poet and storyteller residing in Santa Fe. She graduated with her BFA in Creative Writing from IAIA in 2019 and is set to graduate from IAIA’s MFA program over the summer after working towards a degree in Poetry. Writing is her greatest passion in life. She draws inspiration from her emotions and struggles with mental illness, seeking to create something beautiful out of the life she’s lived thus far. Her words define her. Her spirit is in everything she sets to page.

Paige Hannan

Paige Hannan is a Shinnecock Native from humid and green Long Island. They are a creative writer in the undergrad program at IAIA. Their pieces tend to focus on themes of romance, survival, and adventure. Previously published in earlier anthologies, their work returns to the latest publication under "the things we carry" with the two poetry pieces "11:17" and "Gardens Ghosts and Gods oh my" and their latest fiction work "Closure at the Blue Cat". In these pieces the readers can find that the speakers and characters are carrying things like trauma, fear, and love, and how it affects them.

Debbie Haddow

Debbie Haddow is a Thai lesbian author and poet in her first year of IAIA’s MFA program, an enthusiastic nerd by nature. In 2019, she graduated from IAIA with her BFA in Creative Writing.  She writes in many genres, but her favorite is fantasy, her inspiration drawn from the magical and mythological. Writing is what inspires her to keep living, to capture the beauty in every situation and to speak for the struggles with mental illness that she and many others face. She has been published in IAIA’s 2018 and 2019 anthologies, Chrysalism and Celestial Refractions, as well as The Santa Fe Literary Review, Haiku Journal and The Tribal College Journal–Student website as an honorable mention in its 2020 Student Writing Competition.

Victoria K. Gonzales

Victoria K. Gonzales is a fiction writer, born and raised in Santa Fe, NM. She graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts with her BFA in creative writing, spring of 2018, and she’s currently a fourth semester MFA student at IAIA, eager to graduate and venture the world with her sweetheart. She had her fiction story, Born Again, published by Heavy Feather Review.

Lindsey Toya-Tosa

I am Lindsey Toya-Tosa from Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at the Institute of American Indian Arts in December 2019. My writing focuses mainly on creative nonfiction, but I also enjoy writing fiction and poetry. I write mostly about the experiences that I’ve had throughout my life, in hopes that my stories will help or inspire someone. I am currently working on my master’s degree at IAIA.