Diné Bila’ashla’ii Dóó Ethereal Chan

I sit at the laptop typing away.
An essay.
This poem.
An itinerary
for me and Kyle’s trip.

Orlando White
once wrote about
words being dead
on a page.
With that, I drink sage
like when
me and Shimá
had Covid.

T’áá ałtso Diné. Diné Bila’ashla’ii dóó T’iis Diné.
All different forms of Diné. Five-fingered People Diné and Diné trees.
All different forms of Diné. Only one contributed to killing the bees.
Let us save the bees and the trees
like Kim Namjoon decrees.
Across the seas.

The Māori Haka.
“Zone” by 3Racha.
Subunit of Stray Kids.
Leader: Bangchan.
Kpop king to me.

Chan’s Room is healing for my emotional trauma.
TMI, I know. Guess I’m crazy!
You should listen to “TMI” by Badkiz.
I enjoy dancing to that song!

Ancestors in Southwest Region believed
dance is the most human activity.
Sin Hataał.
Ayóó Ánííníshní.
Bił Nisin.

My words are not right. Self-sabotage is my stereotype.
Fifteen years ago, I never listened to so much metal.
Rock. Blah. The loud one. The wild one.
Like the wild maknae from
IMFACT: Ungjae.
Kpop prince, in my opinion.
Chris, aka Chan, aka Bangchan, CB97.
and Ungjae are my ultimate biases.
How many popular musicians dedicate a weekly livestream to interact with fans?
Thank you and I love you Chan.


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Fidel Frank

Fidel is a student that majors in Indigenous Liberal Studies at IAIA. His poetry involves Diné k’ejí (Diné language) and understanding multiple worldviews. The topics he writes about are anorexia recovery and relapse, Two-Spirit understandings, his ultimate biases (Bangchan, Ungjae, Namjoon, Jungwoo, and Raehwan), Diné language, and memories.